Review   Of   Transvestite   Soup

There may not be much Rocky in Scotland but I spent part of last year in Minnesota where there`s a great cast,Transvestite Soup, and they show the film every Saturday night at Columbia Heights(apt name),Minneapolis!

I WENT TO SEE ROCKY HORROR IN MINNEAPOLIS!!!(On Saturday 8th November 1997!) It was all thanks to Lori,my fab e-mail pal who rescued me from my dismally Rockyless existence and helped me get to see RHPS where she`s Magenta in the Minnesota cast,!The theater,The Heights is old fashioned and perfect for Rocky.The cast is full and their performances were fantastic ,particularly Lori and Wayne as Magenta and Riff respectively but it was Lloyd as Frank who really stole the show!The costumes were pretty impressive,particularly the space suits and the enthusiasm of the cast was really wonderful.There were a lot of virgins (People seeing the show for the first time) when I was there but enough regulars to shout the audience participation lines as loudly as possible!I met just about the entire cast and thought they were all really quite remarkably friendly (Even if some people couldn`t control themselves with Scottish jokes and sad accent imitations-you know who you are,Kris) but I had loadsa fun and am really desperate to get up to the cities and see them all again!Why are Minnesota people so NICE??? It`s really freaky!But thanks to everyone who made sure I came home alive!

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