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Chuck is Rocky Horror - a creation

Now that I`ve found time to write (on the 36 bus on my way to a show) I`ll say hello.


I am Chuck. Chuck I am. Me. Chuck. Charles. Charlie. Chaz. Chick. Chucky. Chip. Cha. Ch. C. What is your name? My that`s a nice name... It IS!... NO, really it is... stop making that face!

Anyway, I play Rocky, the blonde muscleman, which is appropriate as I am neither blonde or muscly at present. But that`s okay as I wear a blonde wig and I have a nice ass. I know this... I do! ... What! ... Stop making that bloody face!

Any-hoo! I`ve not been Rocky long but already I can see it`s all been a horrible unnatural mistake which has robbed me of my innocence... but it`s cool.

Bye bye! Your name really is nice! It f***king is! ... Would you stop making that bloody face!!!