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layla is Magenta - a Domestic

Page under serious construction!

  I joined Dr Scott`s Extra Forks by turning up to share their apartment for the New York `98 convention and they never quite managed to get rid of me again.

Defining features:

  • Usage of the word "scary" in ridiculous abundance in normal conversation.
  • Ability to lose every feather duster I ever come into posession of.
  • Tendency to lose one false eyelash during the timewarp and miraculously find it on the floor somewhere at the end!
  • If I`m playing Trixie (in very high heels) and there is a large flight of stairs, I will fall down them.
  • Tragic lack of sewing skills; excellent persuasion tactics towards friends` mothers with sewing machines.
  • Had fantastic Magenta perm, then cut it out right before joining cast and spend my life trying to recreate the effect (thanks Kate from AZ for the curlers and Extra Forks for the wig!).
  • Live way out in the middle of nowhere and if we`re doing something that happens after about 10pm, I will make someone let me stay with them.

Apart from Rocky I study medicine, eat lots of chocolate and dance the Timewarp in my dissection labs. Oh and did I mention I eat lots of chocolate? :O)