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I`m a Rocky Horror obsessive from Scotland!Yup,we do have RHPS here.It`s not all wearing kilts and shouts of "Freedom!" where I live .Actually not at all! Some of us have cast off our kilts for fishnets and instead of "Freedom" we`re shouting "Asshole!" and "Slut!" and formed a cast,Dr Scott`s Extra Forks,to do it!


This page will soon be phased out to make way for my new webpage:

ROCKYSCOT : The Rocky Horror Internet Resource for Fans in Scotland at the cool new domain name http://www.rockyscot.co.uk
Please update your bookmarks and enjoy the new site!

Please go visit all my groovy links!Especially my new find-a-cast page which allows casts to advertise for new members and fans to find casts to join,and my Post Office service to send Rocky e-mail postcards to all your friends for free!

At the moment I`m looking for someone to help me develop a Rocky Horror game which will feature on this site.If you can help,please e-mail!

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You may have noticed that I`m kinda obsessed with animated images on my web page,but up until now,I`ve borrowed other people`s stuff(thanks Riff Rag,Sydney,Backslashand everyone else who let me use their stuff!Also thanks to Sherri Timmermann for photos and everyone else who`s helped me!

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